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Batman 75th Anniversary Set 1 Action Figure 4-Pack:What a Batman collection!Celebrate the Dark Knight''s 75th anniversary with action figures!Each figure comes in a special 75th Anniversary Tin!Designs from Bob Kane, Jim Lee, Darwyn Cooke, and the Batman: Arkham Origins video game.This fir..
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Time to return to Planet Hulk! One of our most popular Marvel Select action figures makes its triumphant return in an all-new run! Based on the popular storyline set on the planet Sakaar, the Hulk wears his gladiator armor in this approximately 10-inch action figure. Featuring approximately 16 point..
Ex Tax:38.00€
The Marvel Gallery line is the best there is at what it does, and this diorama of Wolverine is proof! Part of the new VS. line of Gallery Dioramas, this approximately 10" sculpture is made of high-quality PVC and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. It comes packaged in a full-color w..
Ex Tax:60.00€
Let the carnage commence! This 23 cm PVC Diorama marks the arrival of psychopath Kletus Cassady into the Marvel Gallery line, as he swings an axe-shaped hand atop a rocky outcropping. Designed by Caesar and sculpted by Alterton, this sculpture is made of high-grade plastic, features detailed paint a..
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Now endowed with super-strength, a bio-electric attack, and wall-crawling abilities, Spider-Woman’s destiny led her to join the New Avengers. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell and standing 18 cm tall, the Marvel Select Spider-Woman figure features a highly-detailed base, plus three partial figures of Hydra ..
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Marvel Comic Gallery PVC Statue Taskmaster 23 cm
New On Demand
The ultimate opponent is now the ultimate Marvel Gallery Diorama! Famous for his ability to mimic people's fighting styles and soon to appear in the Black Widow movie, Taskmaster wields his sword and shield in this approximately 9" sculpture. Cast in high-quality PVC, it features detailed sculpting ..
Ex Tax:60.00€
Marvel's Spiral joins Marvel Legends with this premium 6-inch-scale action figure inspired by classic Marvel Comics!This Marvel Legends Classic Marvel's Spiral figure features deco inspired by her classic appearances from Marvel Comics!The Marvel Legends Series Marvel's Spiral figure is highly posab..
Ex Tax:30.00€
DC Comics Premium Format Figure Huntress 51 cm DC Comics Premium Format Figure Huntress 51 cm
New Pre-Order
Sideshow presents the Huntress Premium Format™ Figure, taking the fight to your lineup of DC Comics collectibles.The Huntress Premium Format Figure measures 20" tall and 17.25" wide as Helena Bertinelli confidently strolls down to the seedy docks of Gotham, looking to bust a mafia racket. The rottin..
Ex Tax:750.00€
DC Comics Diorama Batman & Catwoman 51 cm DC Comics Diorama Batman & Catwoman 51 cm
New Pre-Order
"We've done this dance for a long time. Too long. Aren't you at all curious?"Sideshow presents the Batman and Catwoman Diorama, a dynamic DC Comics collectible celebrating one of the most iconic couples in Detective Comics history.Measuring 20" tall and 9.25" wide, this fully sculpted polystone DC s..
Ex Tax:920.00€
Marvel Premium Format Statue 1/4 Psylocke 53 cm Marvel Premium Format Statue 1/4 Psylocke 53 cm
New Pre-Order
"This challenge is to the death, remember? So how about we see just how good you really are?"Sideshow presents the Psylocke Premium Format™ Figure, a formidable addition to your X-Men statue collection.Beautiful and deadly, this psychic mutant is on a moonlit mission of vengeance. The Psylocke Premi..
Ex Tax:840.00€
Fairytale Fantasies Collection Statue Red Riding Hood 48 cm Fairytale Fantasies Collection Statue Red Riding Hood 48 cm
New Pre-Order
What a big weapon you have!All the better to protect yourself with - Sideshow presents the Red Riding Hood Statue, the latest lovely lady in fan-favorite artist J. Scott Campbell's Fairytale Fantasies Collection.Working closely with J. Scott Campbell, Sideshow has translated his iconic art style int..
Ex Tax:460.00€
Fairytale Fantasies Collection Statue Evil Queen Deluxe 44 cm Fairytale Fantasies Collection Statue Evil Queen Deluxe 44 cm
New Pre-Order
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...Sideshow presents the Evil Queen Deluxe Statue, the fairest and fiercest femme fatale to join J. Scott Campbell's Fairytale Fantasies Collection! This Deluxe edition includes the fabled Magic Mirror as a proximity display piece for the jealous queen.Working closely with..
Ex Tax:680.00€
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